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Frogspawn in Barrel Pond

I have some frogspawn in the above ground barrel pond in my garden.  This is the first time this has appeared and I'm concerned that the tadpoles/baby frogs won't be able to get out!  Any advice on what I should do please eg. should I frequently top up the water?  Should I provide some sort of ramp out of the barrel? 

Thank you!!


  • CeresCeres Posts: 2,690
    They will need a way out. You could maybe put a ramp of large stones in the barrel or a pond plant in a pot that just breaks the surface of the water next to the edge and that will also give the froglets something to sit on before they leave the barrel. Obviously they will also need a ramp down the outside of the barrel as well, plus some shade. I have found froglets nicely cooked on sun-baked slabs so they must have somewhere cool and damp to hide. Keep the water topped up but leave it to stand in a container for a day before doing so in order that it can reach the same temperature as the water that is already in the barrel. Enjoy the wildlife.
  • Thank you!  I'll get on it now!!

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