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Growing Roses

Hello, sending this out to all the rose experts out there. I purchased a 'bare root' rose bush and planted in a container. However the leaves that were coming up were very dainty and did not look like they would flourish, compared to the others I had. So I pruned it back. I have not seen any sign of life. Will green shoots grow again. I wondered if I was over zealous with the pruning. Hope I have not lost it. It is a Scarlet Queen Elizabeth and was looking forward to seeing it bloom at some point.


  • Hostafan1Hostafan1 Posts: 26,207

    Sunny D , remember it's only April. Scarlet QE is one of the Grandiflora roses and I'm sure it'll bounce back  in no time.

  • Sunny DSunny D Posts: 2

    Many thanks Hostafan 1. It's my first go at growing roses so not sure what to expect. I will wait....


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