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Should I pinch out a Delphinium?

PipsPips Posts: 3

Hi Everyone!

This is my first post here and I hope that some of you can help.

I planted three Delphinium plants last Autumn and they are all doing well.  Two of them are lovely and bushy, but the third one just has one stem and is now producing a flower spike.  Should I pinch this out to encourage more growth from the plant or should I leave it?  I have tried to find info on pinching out delphiniums on the web but with no real luck.  I would hate to pinch it out and for it then to not flower as the garden is very new (only just finished landscaping in September 14) and there are very few plants that are coming into flower, but I do want to encourage healthy plants!

Any help and advice would be most appreciated.  Many thanks.


  • DovefromaboveDovefromabove Posts: 87,819

    Hi Pips and welcome image

    No, leave it to flower - when the spike has finished flowering you can cut it down to below the last flower and then with any luck it will throw out some more flowering shoots.

    Gardening in Central Norfolk on improved gritty moraine over chalk ... free-draining.

  • PipsPips Posts: 3

    Thank you so much!!!  That is so good to hear, and great information.  Thank you for responding so quickly image.


  • Hi Pips, As Dovefromabove has already recommended Don't Pinch Delphiniums, I have about 20 Delphiniums and there all up going brilliantly too with flower buds emerging up fast, When there going over either cut back the flower spike to a side shoot, Or cut it right down to the ground, A lot of varieties especially the magic fountains produce a summer and autumn show which is offen better than the late spring show. I always investigate below the plant whether to cut it right down or cut it to a side shoot, If you can see new growth coming through below the gone over flower spike cut it right down and the new shoot will fly up and flower very quickly. If there's no sign of any growth under the plant I find a good place to cut it back to and hope it produces side shoots. Always stake your delphiniums I've got 7-8ft giants and 3ft dwarfs .They are all stunning, but one rain fall can cause there delicate stems to snap or flop especially when in flower, Which really hurts if they get damaged, I take no chances now with any of them I tie them in at 6inch intervals to bamboo canes, Last year the weather threw a lot at them but because of my carful staking they stood tall and gave me a beautiful showing from may to august. Fingers crossed yours keep going well and give you a great showing this year! David.

  • PipsPips Posts: 3

    Hi David, thank you so much!  What fantastic information you have given me.  I have already staked them so hopefully they will not be damaged by wind or rain.  Thank you so much for taking the time to reply in such detail for me, it is such a help.  Pippa.

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