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Weeping cotoneaster ... under planting ideas





I have been cutting back a weeping cotoneaster which was taking over a border and am now looking for ideas to under plant around it. As it's evergreen I need ideas for plants that will tolerate shade and dry conditions.  I'm going to put daffodils from my containers in when they finish flowering but what else?  I have dicentra both a pink and a white one and wondered if they would survive there and also have Brunnera Jack Frost which I thought might work there too. But any other ideas please?


  • charlie22charlie22 Posts: 154

    Hi inezhardie, I have a dry shaded woodland area in the corner of my back garden. I grow a couple of bottle brushes under planted with wood anemones. erythroniums, snow drops and bluebells. There is also cowslips and wild primroses and daffs.  Dicentras will tolerate light shade and they like moist soils. So a dry soil would not be any good for them. Hope these few ideas help.

  • charlie22charlie22 Posts: 154

    Also your Brunnera Jack Frost will work there if you have a humus rich soil. They too like shaded woodland areas.

  • Thanks Charlie I've got some erythroniums and snow drops etc... in the garden that I could move in there so I'll have a look for them.  The soil is definitely humus rich!  

  • charlie22charlie22 Posts: 154

    Lovely. Give it a go. You can always change your mind later and transplant them again else where. That's the good thing about gardening. If it doesn't work for YOU, change it. Let me know how you do.

  • hogweedhogweed Posts: 4,053

    Loads of things will grow there - pachysandra, alchemilla mollis, pulmonaria, lamium, geranium etc.

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  • Thanks Hogweed have plenty of those except the pachysandra. Will look and see which of the geraniums I have would do best in shade.

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