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I have lots of large stones in my new garden so I thought about making a rock garden ive not made one before so can anyone give me a guide please


  • Funny you should say that, I am in the middle of doing the very same thing and have been reading and 'googling' for weeks, possibly months actually, had a minor problem of getting rubble and soil to fill my enormous hole in the garden, pace of life is very slow here in France. image

    I think most of the advice seems to say good drainage is the most important thing.

    Tilt rocks backwards slightly my book says and a mix of grit and soil at about 4 parts soil 1 part grit.It recommends neutral to acid soil.

    Also says that rocks should be buried slightly and make sure the 'grain' is facing the same way to make it look natural.

    Gradient shouldn't be too steep either it says or soil will just end up running off.

    Finally he says make sure you choose the right plants for the situation, nothing that is too large (or will grow so) for the space and he says 5-7 plants per square metres to start you off. My book is called Alpines An Essential Guide by Michael Mitchell, you might be able to get it or others like it in the library.

    Also saw this on Google for a very basic guide.

    Good luck with it, am sure you will get lots of expert advice one here too, I am very much an enthusiastic novice. image

    "To nurture a garden is to feed not just the body, but the soul." — Alfred Austin
  • imagehi thank you so much for your reply its very helpful ,I cant wait to get started but first I will do more reading like you and I will have to get a book how are you getting on with yours .there are some loverly alphines good luck and thank you againimage

  • Hi Suzanne, 

    Ours has been a long haul, but hope by end of next week it will start to look like a rockery. We bought the house last April and the previous owners had planned to have a pond but unfortunately after digging it all out realised how expensive a project it was and abandoned it. That left a very large overgrown hole for me to ponder over. In another part of the garden was a huge pile of rocks dug out to make flowers beds - so ah ha an idea was formed. image

    Having come up with the idea it just took ages to find anyone to supply rubble to fill the hole and then finally when we got someone (for free) the driver dumped rather more than I expected. It has taken a week of shovelling to get it organised and now we have soil being delivered on Monday, or maybe Tuesday. (the French are very relaxed about such things). image

    Looking forward to getting to work with the rocks (after so much research and planning and looking forward even more to getting some lovely plants for it. Not a big budget so am in the process of beg, borrowing and stealing from gardening friends but I do have a little wish list on the go. image

    Here are some 'before' and 'during' and 'still going' pics, I do hope it all works out, I can see it clearly in my head! image

    July 2014



    Autumn 2014



    A week ago ...




    This morning....


    Very best of luck with yours and do post some pics, it will be lovely to compare notes as  they progress. image


    "To nurture a garden is to feed not just the body, but the soul." — Alfred Austin
  • wow you are doing so well thank you for the photos your garden seems large ,ours is large with lots of plants hidden under weeds and grass but everything is coming into life now so its easier to see whats what as soon as I get started I will post some pics for you to see good luck you are doing well

  • It is a big garden Suzanne and unfortunately we owned the house for four months before we came to live here so last summer it was like a jungle. Just beginning to see 'the wood for the trees', previous owners had done a super job but weeds here are rampant and we are surrounded by open fields and woodland so anything goes. Must admit never seen stinging nettles at above head height  with roots stretching out 5 foot wide. Am keeping my eye on the ball this year that's for sure. image

    Take as many pics of your garden as you can, it has been great for inspiring me me when I have bad days and think I am getting nowhere and also great for forward planning, you think you will remember it all but you won't. A great adventure out there everyday. image

    "To nurture a garden is to feed not just the body, but the soul." — Alfred Austin
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