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If this was Yours ...



  • debs20debs20 Posts: 39

    If you like the white...I reckon only white flowers...very "chic"!...just small flowering plants like those chosen for a hanging basket. Maybe some varigated ivy or similar to trail around, but only white shades...urm...struggling to think of some...pelagonium(sp) or geranium, busy-lizzy, candytuft (don't know proper name), nicotiana (again sp).

    I am planting all my front garden in "whites" I think its very classy,and it is lovely and "bright" in the evening.

    When you've done it don't forget to post a pic.

  • BluebaronBluebaron Posts: 226
    Stick it on eBay worth about ??50.
  • star gaze lilystar gaze lily Posts: 14,540


    Give it to meeeeeeeeimageimage

    I would definitely leave as it is, wouldn't put any 'stuff' on it.

    Alpines, something trailing, different colours would look good too.

    Strawberries one side herbs the other.

  • I like the white look if it's planted with the right stuff. I'd go with red white and blue planting, maybe with trailing blue lobelia, or bacopa over the sides to soften the look. I've got itchy fingers just thi9nking about the design. Lucky you!

  • star gaze lilystar gaze lily Posts: 14,540

    Have you got water pipe in the garden, maybe you could plumb it in some how and use it as sink outside to wash pots or muddy boots.

  • Ladybird4Ladybird4 Third rock from the sunPosts: 30,560

    I let wild strawberries grow in mine. So teeny weeny but the taste is fantastic!

    Cacoethes: An irresistible urge to do something inadvisable
  • lol there seems to be a division on the whiteness of it, I have to agree with Panda though I rather like it.

    Debs it's cracked on the underside which is why it was originally in the skip, but I wouldn't want to sell it on anyway. I can't use it in the house as my house either as it is rented.

    Also I can't sink it in the garden as there's nowhere that would be possible.

    I'm excited to use it as a planter though, I just can't make my mind up yet on what to do! lol Thanks for all the replies, food for thought image  

  • WynkenWynken Posts: 8

    I like it. Think if it were mine I would put in some variaged hosta, fern, lily of the valley, white astrantia and a white anemone for the autumn then tuck it somewhere a bit shadier.

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