Ford Abbey near Yeovil

This Ford Abbey gardens.This is the best place to visit if you are looking for inspiration.They have the most wonderful bog garden and their flower borders are beautiful.they have also a walled garden with vegetables of allsorts.The fountain and the lakes are also a lovely sight as is the house.They have a cafe,shop,plant sell and reductions for a certain age group.If your on holiday near image or live nearby its worth that visit in spring or it there!


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    We went there in June. It was beautiful. We had a good lunch and there is a really good plant sales area.

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    We visited Forde Abbey gardens a few years ago when on holiday in that area. I agree it is a lovely place, and I seem to remember it had a wonderful veg garden.The plant certre had some very reasonably priced plants. Well worth a visit.


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    This is the photo I tried to do but failed the frist time.I must go back and visit again I really enjoyed it there.image 

  • Ford Abbey gardens are lovely.  We went there about 3 years ago.  Got some fab seeds from some annual flowers they grow - a bit like cistus - lovely creamy petals and reddy brown centres about 2ft - 2ft6in high.  They are lovely and I resow from my own seeds every year but cant remember what they are called.  I just call them my Ford Abbey flowers.

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