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Talkback: Growing borage for Chelsea



  • Sow your seeds in a small pot of multi purpose compost covering the seeds to twice the depth. Place in a warm place until shoots start showing through. Do not let the seeds dry out. Once seedlings are large enough transfer to a larger pot and keep watering and feeding on a regular basis. Or plant in the garden when the frosts have passed. Do not disturb the roots when planting them in the garden as this may encourage plants to self seed.
  • I grew coriander last year, dead easy full sun but you must keep picking the leaves or it goes quite straggley. there is nothing to beat home grown coriander
  • I have just got a free small pot of grown coriander and the roots are showing out of the bottom, do I re-pot it, does it spread or will it just stay as it is. I know to keep picking it, just wondered if it spread or the plant gets bigger??
  • When i lived in Italy we'd used to scour the fields for boragine or burage, we'd collect the leaves, pass them through a simple batter and fry them in oil until cripsy...yummy with lemon juice. Or we would make a dough with chopped leaves and make into balls and fry those as well or use it as filling for ravioli...hmm, great herb.
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