wildlife in the city

I was in my daughter s garden doing a bit of this and that ,you know how it goes when they are away and they ask you to look after their pets and that over grown plot called a garden.Anyhow raking away as one does and throwing the chickens the slugs and worms that came my way,I thought this is where I could get rid of my snails and slugs from home,painless and gone in instant ,when I picked up what I thought was a juicy fat worm for the hens (who were looking with interest) but this was no worm it slid from my hand to the ground ,stopped eyed me and me it before sliding under the leaves.I guess it was a slow worm as it was pink with a grey stripe not a  snake as in adder or grass snake.I have not seen these for years and not in the garden.close shave for the slow worm.image



  • We have had slow worms in every garden we've lived at. They love the compost heap. They do come in different colours don't they? I try and disturb my garden the least I can - impossible with a house move - and actively encourage as much as I can to share it. It always amazes me just how much wildlife there is in our gardens right under our noses.

  • too true,and I quess thats what makes it special when you find wildlife in the garden.image

  • Never seen a slow worm, but when tidying the garden today was pleased to find a hedgehog sleeping at the back of my borders.  Was cutting back a large plant, but left it as I noticed he had made a bit of a nest.  He must be the one saving my garden from slugs!  Not had too many so he's eating well.  Kids enjoyed seeing him.  I need to enourage a few more birds to my garden, but next doors cats are always around so even with a feeder in the garden not too many venture in. 

  • we use to have quite a few Hedgehogs but over the last decade they have declined a lot due to the traffic.The last time I saw one he came face to face with a cub fox both looked startled and ran opposite directions.They had come to feast on the slugs and dog biscuits I had put out.

  • Been to a reservoir near Bristol which has a huge flock of coots,so many on this man made lake.There were a few swans and I think  a ruddy duck.You do get wonderful view of the mendip hills and Brent knoll.Also spotted a flock of gold finches.image

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