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Talkback: December gardening jobs

I have to go up to my spinney and cut cornus sticks which are now bright red to stick into my spreads of white heather at the front gate which are just opening their flowers. It is one of my favourite December jobs. I saw a similar thing in a picture of one of the big gardens that opens to the public in the winter and thought - ahh great minds think alike. It does make people look and wonder!


  • I have had a queue of birds at my feeders too, and I've got Mr & Mrs Blackbird fighting with the Starlings for the meal worms. I to love this mouth, well every month and season really. You have to accept every season for what it is.
  • It just takes a cold snap to really appreciate the value of feeding garden birds. I've managed to position my feeder so I can watch it from the comfort of a chair, and the birds have been flooding in. I even had a Lesser Spotted Woodpecker on it today, but it didn't stay long enough for me to be able to take a photo!
  • I love to out and potter about in the greenhouse and listen to the robin singing and have that mug of hot tea to hand.image

  • I also have my bird feeders where I can see them from my chair. I regularly have a nuthatch this year, though never before. Also spotted woodpecker, a blackcap (new this year)as well as the usual tits, robins, blackbirds etc. Occasionally a sparrowhawk comes to try his luck. I have at least 8 long tailed tits in and out every day, and this morning a thrush came to inspect the ground feeder. I have a pond and break the ice every day so the birds can still drink. It is very rewarding, despite nearly bankrupting me!
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