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  • jo4eyesjo4eyes Posts: 2,058

    Still no joy. image

    Knowing Rain & her skills/paintbox bet it does look good.... J.

  • I have sent a message to Rainjustlearning to see if the picture can be posted another time

    I would like to see it

    Hampshire Gardener

     Has it worked this time for you,  wonder why it didn't work as I did them both in the same manner.

  • Gardengirl.. wrote (see)

    What a nice lot of plants in the picture easy fill hanging baskets as well, I have one of those easy fill basket but did not do that well as plants were a bit small to get big enough to cover basket and slugs kept eating the plants.

    What does the table look like?

    Stiil can't see pic I am on firefox

    These are my baskets from last year all of them are the Easy Fill type now I also have 6 wall baskets of the same bit fiddley but I just love the end results when they are growing. Baskets 2010/?albumview=slideshow

  • Wow!  What an amazing table.   The baskets do look good when fully flowering. 

    Was the table painted with sample pots?    

    I have painted my raised beds in many different colours after getting sample paint pots.

    Hampshire Gardener
  • The table was indeed painted with sample pots with equal PVA glue, I got 7 different ones as there was 7 slats on the table and I still have 7 pots full as it took really 1 full pot of paint but as you sort of made 2 pots and it took 1 pot to do the table I still have one left if you get my drift,  but one of the chairs I did last year the paint has peeled of which was my fault as I didn't sand it properly and painted it in full sun so it was drying before I could get the paint on,   I have done one of the slats in the same colour which I didn't realise at the time (it's the lime green one) so I can do that next year and I also rescued a plastic chair from a skip so I have the choice of 6 colours to use so watch this space.


     Think the gremlins are about today,  above is tumbling toms

     Fuchsia's with a sunflower growing out the top



     Nepeta and Geraniums



  • The link for the hanging baskets isn't working either ho hum so did it the hard way,  hope you like them,  they are from 2011 as this year was a wash out image

  • Hello

    Really like the Petunia's hanging basket that how mine should of looked but did not a nice ball of differnt colours but will have to try another time, they all look nice.

    I think the table looks good as they do look slightly different colours.

    I have a cream raised bed which looks good but when it rains the dirt splashes up the sides so needs a wash and paint every so often, but when the grass gets put down around it might be better less dirt looking.

    I have a purple raised bed like the colour on the end slat of the table nice and bold.

    Hampshire Gardener
  • Thank you Gardengirl,  I have 2 chairs done in the same fashion one is the lime green and the other is vivid pink, I have another one that I rescued from a skip so I think that might have to be purple as I just love purple,  why not have colour in the garden apart from the flowers I painted my shed cream and green,  why not it's better than the boring brown.

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