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paraffin heaters

Hi Being very new to gardening ( 2nd year ) and just bought my 1st greenhouse I am hoping to try and grow some flowers and easy veg from seeds. Living in the south of scotland I know I will need some kind heat to protect from frost , from feb to may . Can anyone advise a paraffin heater that they use for frost protection , and any other tips for using a paraffin heater or not in a greenhouse. My greenhouse is 8ft 6" x6ft 6" . Looking for a make , model that would suit ,and where to buy. Thanks Mike.


  • Hi Mike,  One problem with them is that they produce a lot of condensation and this can cause plants to get fungal problems like botrytis, which will kill most plants.  To prevent condensation you need good ventilation, so it's a very tricky balance.  If you can get power into the greenhouse, electric greenhouse heaters are much better.  Both are expensive to run though.  One alternative to using heating is to build a mini-greenhouse within the main one and keep your most cold sensitive plants in that, which will keep out all but the most severe and lengthy spell of sub-zero weather.  They can be built using a simple wooden frame and bubble-wrap.

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    I use a Parasene Superwarm 5 parafin heater when I sow my seeds in March. I haven't noticed condensation. It keeps frost at bay and only raises the temperature a couple of degrees, but my greenhouse is about 4m x 2m, so a little bigger than yours.

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    I agree with previous comments that you need to provide adequate ventilation.Parafin like all fuels is expensive ,often allotment associations sell it cheaper.

    I have a twin funnel which uses a gallon every two days, this keeps the G.H. just above freezing This is too expensive to use all winter,I tend to use it April and May to protect against snap frosts here in N.E. England

  • Thanks  for all the tips and advice

    I think i might try a combination of building a mini covered staging unit suggested by santaslittlehelper and get a parasene 5 heater for an extra standby thanks busy-lizzie.

    Thanks again for the advice from all and i'm sure i'll have more questions soon .


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