what kind of grit do the gardeners use in there potting soil?

what do the gardeners from gardeners world us there potting soil? It looks like a kind or very small stones about two to four millimeters .Is it a kind of grit ore something else? They also springel some of it on top of een potted plant. Are there better things i can use? what is the name of that product.?


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    Hi Dutch Ellen.

    I lived in Groningen for a year working at the hospital. Had a great time

    What I use is horticultural grit which makes a good draining compost and sprinkled on top also aids drainage and stops moss or algae growing on the surface.

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  • a very light grit not your road or gravel grit.image

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    alpine grit is good but hard to find (around here anyway) I went to the pet shop part of the GC and got aquarium gravel. Comes in various grades and colours and is clean.

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    For some plants I do use road grit, that is the 7mm. limestone stuff. Only for lime loving plants of course. even that is hard to get hold of though, in smal bags.

  • nigel coad nice to kwow jou liked it in Groningen. I live at the other side of the netherlands, next to zeeland.

    I have a question, where can i buy that?
  • can i use litter box grid instead?
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    That is cat litter??-would not think soimage

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    No, it tends to fall to pieces when it gets wet and clogs up the compost. The grit is to help drainage not keep moisture in.

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    I get my grit at garden centres but can also get from DIY stores and builders merchants

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    Hi Dutch-Ellen, try searching google.nl for "tuinbouw grind", which I think means 'horticultural gravel' in Dutch.  Also "moraine grind".  Look for a mix with quoted grain size mix of about 1 to 6mm (1/6) or 2 to 4mm (2/4) although you could get wide range mix (eg 0/8) and sieve (zeef?) it yourself. image

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