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I hope someone can advise about a problem I have with my small wildlife pond. It has been in for 3yrs now and has well established planting both in and around. Till this spring I have had only the usual blanket/pond weed problem brought in with an early plant when I was a total novice!!!

Over the last couple of weeks I have noticed a growing amount of green frothy stuff on the surface of the pond. When I first saw it I started to net it out but found I was catching newt spawn so have replaced this and left well alone. I did treat the water with an organic algae product but this does not seem to have helped. I have replaced my barley straw sock with fresh straw but am not sure what to do next.

There does not seem to be any algae under the surface of the water but it is all mixed in with the marginal plants and covered about half the surface of the water.

Does anyone recognise this and also I would be grateful for any advice on how to treat without jeopardising the frog and newt spawn. It is a still pond that I top up with rain water. I did put in a whole water but full in about 4 weeks ago as it had got very low in the winter months and wonder if this might have been the cause. It was quite clear so not sure if it is connected.


  • frensclanfrensclan Posts: 112

    Thanks for that Edd. Just noticed that I have said Pont!!! It has been a long day and not supper time yet. I have some barley straw liquid stuff I bought last year do you think I should give it a dose of this also or just leave well alone for now?

  • Fishy65Fishy65 Posts: 2,020

    frensclan - the green frothy stuff...is the water under it clear? If so it just sounds like blanket weed which can be twirled around a stick or cane.

    If the water itself is green then you have an algae bloom, this can sometimes produce a kind of green 'scum' on the surface which in my opinion won't be helped by adding chemicals. Time will do that as your marginal/deep water plants grow and deprive the algae of light.

    Any blanket weed you pull out, just leave it on the side of the pond so little critters can crawl back in image

  • LynLyn Posts: 8,810

    A couple of weeks ago my pond had throthy stuff on the surface, I just kep stiring it up and now its just gone. I think its because the plants are only just starting to grow after a winters rest. I wouldnt worry about It. 

    Gardening on the wild, windy west side of Dartmoor. 
  • frensclanfrensclan Posts: 112

    Thanks for the advice everyone. I know it is not blanket weed as I have that every year later on. It sounds like a bloom although the water underneath is clearish. Because I have a certain amount of plant detritus in the bottom it is always a bit browny! I leave it there as it is full of little creatures and until this spring haven't had much of a problem. Perhaps pouring the many buckets of rainwater in a few weeks ago stirred it all up and started things going. I have added the barley straw extract and  will now leave well alone and see what happens as I cant fish the stuff out without risking damaging the various spawn in among it.

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