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Please could you advise me on the sequence to solve my lawn problems? it's a lawn that has had no attention bar an occasional cut for many years. 

Front lawn - 90% moss.

Back lawn - 40%moss, masses of dandelions & weeds

I have started by scarifying both lawns - the front one yielded moss that would have filled 4 ot 5 wheelie bins. I have sprinkled around grass seed but it has not grown but that's probably because I didn't do it properly or water enough.

Do I treat the lawn first (I was thinking of Evergreen 4-in-1) then sow seed later?

Or do I seed first and use treatment later?

Both lawns have bare patches but the moss hasn't all gone. I tried digging out dandelions but after so many years they are huge and deeply rooted. The few I got out left great craters.

Should I mix top soil with seed? or put top soil on top of seed.



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    Thought this link may be of interest regarding your lawn - am surprised you haven't had any replies -  perhaps all the forum lawn peeps are out in their gardens tending their lovely lawns.  I have my own lawn battle going on, although the worst affected area I'm going to change to a flower/shrub bed.  I much prefer plant to grass and its easier to weed.  Good luck with yours. 

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    Ok I have quite a patchy lawn, mainly be cause being my first year in my new home and alot of garden/general DIY requred my lawn has been a bit of a work area and so alot has been killed by over trampling or laying various tools etc.

    I did nothing fancy, just sprinkled grass seed around, trampled it all into the soil and watered it daily. Generous on the water too. Now its growing nicely.

    Just lots of seed, trample, water generously in the evening after the heat has gone.

  • AlexXAlexX Posts: 182

    Verdun - thanks for the suggested program. It sounds good. I started by trying to remove dandelions I only managed 3 - as they have been entrenched for years - they are very deep and left craters in the lawn. I will start on the weed/feed. Do you have any suggestions for a liquid nitrogen feed, please?

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    I agree with Verdun's proposed actions - except just check the instructions on the Weed & Feed treatment for the time lapse before re-seeding - from memory the treatment I used on my lawn today recommended a 6 week wait before re-seeding.

    Good luck - this time next year you'll have a great lawn image

    Gardening is cheaper than therapy, and you get tomatoes. 
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    I'm sure it depends what you use - I've just found the instructions for the stuff I used today and it actually says leave it for 8 weeks after application before re-seeding bare patches  

    You can zoom in using the + or - at the centre top, and the information about re-seeding is at the bottom of the label.

    Always best to check image


    Gardening is cheaper than therapy, and you get tomatoes. 
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    Some excellent advice here:

    First thing - don't use combination treatment if you want to seed, apparently the worst thing you could do!

    Did you scarify (using blades) or just rake well? I scarified and raked mine recently and the results were scary! either way you probably have started out right, I may have gone a bit too far.

    Next thing is deal with compaction, cheapest option it to use a garden fork to aerate it, the website explains all the options though. It takes ages with a fork, and it seems that you should do it fairly frequently to be properly effective.

    Next seed - you sprinkled it on and then what? Apparently it needs good soil contact to germinate so it is recommended to trample it in or use a light roller (I know seems counter-intuitive having just de-compacted the soil!) to make sure it is pressed firmly onto the soil.

    After that it needs water and warmth - it won't germinate if the climatic conditions are still to cold, and I suspect this is why there is no evidence of germination on my overseeded lawn yet, although the initial flooding after I sowed it can't have been good. The good news is that the existing grass is coming back quite nicely, although slower than the weeds, so I'll need to deal with them once it looks lush enough to walk on again. I may also try overseeding again now the weather has improved.

    If it doesn't rain you probably need to water it, I have finally bought a sprinkler and timer to help with this, but make sure you don't have a hosepipe or sprinkler ban heading into the summer.

    Fertilizer is also a really good idea at this point, but not a multipurpose type. Use a straight fertilizer suitable for using with lawn seed, don't use moss killer, and make sure the dilution is right - over concentrating it will also be bad.

    Lawnsmith seem to sell everything you could need, unfortunately I found them after I had already bought what I thought I needed....

  • i am more concerned with eradicating the fungal infection and dont  know how to tell if it is still active on the soil or not.Thanks for the lawnsmith name though they will maybe be able to help.

  • DovefromaboveDovefromabove Central Norfolk UKPosts: 42,819

    Hi Shirley image

    You've not mentioned a fungal infection - tell us more ...

    Gardening is cheaper than therapy, and you get tomatoes. 
  • AlexXAlexX Posts: 182

    Thanks for taking the time to explain, Boater.

    My two lawns are definitely long term projects. I scarified with an electric rake (I bought one in the end as raking manually was going to take weeks as the moss is thick). I attempted to aerate with a garden fork but admit to giving up half way through. I will have another go at this.  I have several bald patches on the front lawn which I have just reseeded, I have put a very light layer of topsoil but didn't trample in.(maybe will do that today as I only seeded yesterday)

    The back lawn is more weeds than moss, so I think I will try a weed & feed on that as I don't think it needs reseeding  (yet?). 

    Am I right in thinking you can seed spring & autumn?

    Thanks to everyone who has posted information

  • Hi!

    My lawn is the same. I sprayed spot week killer on the largest dandelions a few weeks ago and raked as much of the moss off as possible. This left my grass very patchy. I spread grass seed on the patchy areas and trampled in by walking on it.bwatrred daily unless it rained.  Hopefully this will fix the problem But how soon can I mow the lawn now the new seed is sown? Will a mow damage the seeds put down?

    in winter we mow very infrequently because the grass doesn't grow much but in summer I mow fortnightly. Is this enough and could this be contributing to the moss problem? 


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