Can anyone add to this list?

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1. Soil doesn't grow. If you chuck it away with the weeds, it's gone for ever.

2 one person's groundcover plant is your neighbour's pernicious weed - and it will be yours in a couple of years!

3 that beautiful, nightly coloured beetle is not a rare species- it's a pest.

4 there is no such thing as a magic tool .nothing does the job in half the time with zero effort

5 buy immature shrubs. If they're happy, they'll soon grow.


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    Wise words B3 image

    Ive learned its better to be late than early with sowing seeds, they soon catch up image
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    Label all seed trays and pots.  You think you'll remember, but ...image

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    Never let OH loose in a bed to weed because he just blitzes everything as it's "easier".   Now I make him pay for new treasures at plant fairs so he can see why I tell him we have the most expensive compost heap in Belgium.

    Labelling - yes and don't forget shrub and rose cuttings heeled in the ground too.

    Sowing later than earlier yes, but also this year sowing less of each variety and on appropriate moon days - better germination and less pricking out and less waste from excess plants

    Don't turn your back on a nettle or a buttercup or a lump of couch grass or bittercress.  They'll be all over the place 10 minutes later.

    Don't plant evergreen/winter flowering or early spring flowering clematis as they die here in heavy late spring frosts.

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    Burying tools is rather also look like a right wally digging with your hands for your trowel image
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    I meant there is nothing that... not use nothing as I suspect you realiseimage) although bare hands are a useful but delicate tool!

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    I've mislaid my trowel as well.  Fortunately I have an ancient wonky one I'm making do with until the 'proper' one turns up. And last night I went up the path to check the car windows were shut.  Did shut the driver's side rear one then this frosty morning discovered that the other three were open.  I'm definitely beginning to feel I should retire to sheltered housing before too much longer

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    I find a lot of missing tools in the compost heap. But only after I've bought a replacement!

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    when planting in the previous autumn i need to label where i have put things like fritilaria imperialis as

    A) i couldn't remember where it was

    b) i couldn't remember what it was

    result was while planting something else i found it just unfurling underground and went to move it and snapped the growth off, then found the second one the same way, thought i'd be a lot more careful and dug out underneath it went ot lever it out only to discover i had accidentally planted that one on its side and snapped the sideways growth off of that one too, so i moved the bulb bit ........later on i thought oh there's a gap i can plant something in and went to dig the hole and sliced the big bulb in half with the spade image for goodness sake i had only planted it about two hours before

    labels labels labels for me as i obviously have a very short term memory

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    Labels would certainly save me from trawling through Google images! 

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    yes i had to type into google " bulb that smells like skunk (the smoking kind) to find out what they were and found the right result too

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