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Talkback: Wolf spider

I just saw my first ladybirds of the year this week too - sunning themselves on an echium, they were definitely harlequins. Equipped with lots of spots, the killer feature was they are just enormous. I think I'm worried about them, but what with financial panic and global warming, I just felt a bit uneasy and then took photos on my phone.


  • Have you tried the scrapbook section on the homepage?
  • I was delighted to see one of our smooth snakes yesterday for the first time this year. Last year when the babies (!) arrived they seemed to be congregating in the grass at the edge of the pond and I had to rescue one that had fallen in on one occasion. Not sure whether the little ones can swim, but I wasn't taking any chances. Our resident toad was definitely taking shelter in the upturned pot (toad hall!) provided for his ease, with the snow flurries whirling around today. I do hope he's taking advantage of the small slugs which I have thoughtfully left for him - and I haven't told them where I've moved the Hostas this year, either, so I'm hoping they are safe for a few weeks at least! We are lucky to have a low dry stone wall at the bottom of the garden which is in sun most of the day and no doubt provides more places of refuge for other small creatures. I just love to share my little patch of earth with them. Incidentally we have definitely had a yellowhammer at the bird table recently (we are on the edge of a cultivated field). It was a lovely surprise. These small arrivals make life worthwhile!
  • Reply to Hilary: This is in danger of becoming a competition to see who has the best wildlife in their gardens. There is no way I can compete with smooth snakes and yellowhammers. You are extremely lucky to have such creatures. Having said that, there is still the chance that the most amazing things will turn up. A few years ago an osprey flew through London, presumably on its way to Scotland. Fancy being able to tick that off your garden bird list.
  • This "beautifully sleek and elegant creature, dusky grey with a beige streak down its back" is horrible! they get in my car and blend in with the beige interior, waiting for me to get in. then they pounce! how can i kill them? they run so fast :(
  • I'm sorry that you don't like spiders. There is never any need to kill a spider. Just plop a glass over the top of it, then slide a piece of card underneath. Move it to a release site, then let it go. I'm surprised that this species is getting into your car, it is normally a rather secretive animal of low herbage. Although it may not be much comfort to you when you are driving, my usual response to people complaining of spiders indoors is to say that the more spiders you have in your house, the fewer flies will pester you.
  • is it possible to build an on line portfolio, within gardeners world, of my personal collection of plants and receive personalized advice and guidance, I know it's a tall order but maybe it could take on with , maybe, a small subscription?? Any other readers thoughts on this??????
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