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BiBisBiBis Posts: 2
I'm a novice gardener and have recently noticed some foxglove growing in the garden to my new house. I have a curious toddler of 18 months' old who likes to put things in his mouth when exploring his garden. Should I be concerned about the foxglove and simply remove it? Or will he have to eat a whole plant before anything adverse happens? I read that even a small amount ingested could cause death!!


  • BenDoverBenDover Posts: 480

    Whoops - clicked submit too soon....

    Penultimate paragraph....

    "Numerous people have told me about playing with the flowers of foxgloves, as children, without coming to any harm but you will still see alleged experts saying that it should be removed from any place where children might be present."

  • cairnsiecairnsie Posts: 388

    I used to grow them but now have a 1 year old and have removed them as they are reasonably toxic but its up to yourself. I figured better safe than sorry. I have left my delphinums in situ as i think you have to eat a reasonable amount ot be fatal and I have read they dont taste nice plus are at the back of the border.

  • GardenmaidenGardenmaiden Posts: 1,126

    The other one to watch out for is aconitum (monkshood), and also rhubarb leaves.

  • WelshonionWelshonion Posts: 3,114
    And laburnum and rhododendron and hundreds of other plants. Do not get paranoid about the plants in the garden, except for the deadly ones. Monkshood and datura (Angels Trumpets) are certainly ones to avoid.

    Above all supervise your young children in the garden and teach younger and older ones not to eat anything without asking.
  • Blue OnionBlue Onion Posts: 2,957

    I agree with Welshonion, supervise your little one while out in the garden, and teach him not to eat anything without permission.  That being said, if your worried about it could you relocate them out to the front garden, or somewhere your child rarely goes?    Or else give them away.. 

    Utah, USA.
  • So many of our common garden plants are poisonous! I could literally clear my entire garden if I chose too but have had no reason too think mine would want too eat the plants! I did move the euphorbias back a couple of yards!

  • BiBisBiBis Posts: 2
    Thanks all . I guess its about relative toxicity and also the fact that foxglove probably look so appealing to tiny eyes and hands!

    I think I'll make a judgement call on this one and gift them to a friend
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