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Hi everyone. I'm a new member and would love some advice on what's going wrong with my photinia (red robin) hedge. There has been a massive leaf drop in the past two weeks and the leaves have some black spots on them. Not sure how to post a photo on here but I can do if I can work it out! Thanks.


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    first of all Welcome Patsy: it's not unusual for evergreens to shed leaves,  Holly does it around July. Has it dried out in the unseasonally dry weather, esp. if you have light soil?  Have a look, maybe give it  a light feed and mulch to conserve water.

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    Thanks very much.  Yes it did seem very dry underneath and so I think you might be right.  I've given in a lot of water and some plant food and I'll get some mulch,  Best wishes,

  • Mine loses some at this time of year, just moved a large standered one and that look very poorly for about a week but happy to say it's doing well now 

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    Mine shed large amounts of old leaves at this time of year, just as the new growth begins

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    Thank you very much everyone. Much appreciated!????????????
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    Sorry not sure how all those question marks got there!!
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