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Talkback: Weeding songs

It would be most helpful if your site could help coping with the various climate zones. Here in Argyll we still have winter conditions.


  • I bought a wind up radio for the greenhouse and I also tend to listen to the excellent BBC podcasts while I weed. (You can read my blog at
    Lavendon Garden)
  • Having recently moved to France I am trying to learn French. When I am in the garden I have my CD player and entertain my French neighbours by listening to the lesson and then speaking my version of the French language. I'm not sure that this type of conversation is good for the plants but my neighbours always smile when the see me.
  • I don't like listening to the radio when in garden well maybe I'm strange but gardening and talking to the plants keep me sane... but I always look around to see who's there believe me my family try to grow what I have and all of them die so i must be doing something right last year we grew tomatoes and they live next door same plants from seed same feed everything the same and mine was the best they couldn't believe it there is a lot to say to talking to plant i think they hear us... oh don't want to go to far now lol
  • I always used to listen to the radio in the garden, from my shed, but now I just love listening to all the wildlife in rural suffolk.
  • My husband bought me a ipod last year and I sing to the plants as I weed dig. We turned our garden into a far sized veg garden and the veg did fine, so although my husband says it`s not a pretty sight my singing in the garden, the veg didn`t seem to mind.
  • I, too, listen to my wind-up radio whilst working in the garden. It has the added bonus of also being powered by sunshine, so long sunny days need no pauses for winding. It is amazing the amount of information one can amass whilst listening! Gardeners' QT is a must, of course, and I have also become quite a football fan through listening in the garden to Portsmouth's matches. No prizes for guessing what was on air today - Pompey beating Manchester United in the FA Cup! I listened whilst washing flower-pots, and will remember the delights of the match every time I reach for a clean pot this summer. The one thing to remember, though, is not to have the volume too loud, and to allow the neighbours, and the birds, to have some peace.
  • I only pretend to listen to my ipod headphones while I weed and work in my garden. I agree with Mr. Tom Jackson...It keeps me sane. But without looking insane to your neighbours!!!
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