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What type of plants/shrubs are these please

Hi All, 

I have have a gravel border at home and would like to create something similar myself.  the problem is, I have seen what I like but have no idea what the plants  / shrubs are, can anyone else help? 

Really appreciate your advise, thank you as alwaysimage 




  • PaulieMacPaulieMac Posts: 12

    Apologies, the border design I like is attached. 

  • CeresCeres Posts: 2,691
    Its quite difficult to see exactly what the shrubs are but I'm guessing that the small hummocks near the path are euonymous. The yellow leaved plants could be aucuba.
  • PaulieMacPaulieMac Posts: 12
    I know the photos not particularly great is it, thank you for your help! ??????
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