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  • we have a small garden,and would like to plant a small tree in our garden.must be suitable for wild birds which we encourage into our garden,through all seasons,would appreciate your advice on what kind of tree...thanx from misschief
  • A few years ago Gardners World showed a "HUF" house in London (possibly Chiswick, with a back garden designed by a well known garden designer. Unfortunately I cannot recollect her name, but I do remember three trees that were planted next to each other and the wonderful colour of their leaves. Does anyone remember this episode and the name of the garden designer and these superb looking trees.
  • Hello Hamish,

    We've checked with the GW programme team, who tell us that the designer was Anne Pearce, and the trees were Cornus capitata. The item was shot with Joe Swift.

    Best wishes, the GW web team
  • Thanks very much for your reply, really appreciate you taking the time to respond to my enquiry.

    Best Wishes
  • Any ideas please for a very small tree for a coastal garden, we are right on the promenade so we get the salty air and sometimes spray. NE England.
  • Listing the trees and describing them would be greatly helped by providing pictures - both of the whole tree and the leaf (flower if any). I see lots of trees I like, but I've no idea what they are called. I'm trying to stock my small back garden with small trees (don't want to upset any neighbours), but I'm finding it impossible to find any site/article that shows trees' details AND pictures.
  • Can you recommend an evergreen tree, not too dense, that would provide some privacy for me from the front of my house which is open to direct view to people walking past.
  • SOS Would really appreciate your advice please. I'm about to purchase a Silver Birch (Betula)for a new 11' wide garden. I shall plant it 1-2' away from the left hand side 6'fence and at least 10' away from the house: there's a car park ajacent to the fence. I'm trying to avoid berry producing trees, I need a tall slender trunk with spread at first floor level. I like the 'filtered sunlight' of the birch, but would this be an unwise purchase?
  • Carole: I think a Birch would be an excellent choice. Try and get Betula Jaquemontii as it has the best and whitest bark.

    Beechnut: Tricky as most evergreens are quite dense. If you live in a relatively mild place then you could grow an Olive. Alternatively Arbutus or Acacias would work well.
    Your choice increases dramatically if you can cope with deciduous trees.

    Mildred: If you click on the links, pictures will appear.
  • Prunus Subhirtella is a stunning tree but it does get quite large- be warned !
    but very beautiful & really good autumn colour as well as the intermittent blossoms through the winter
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