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Not sure if in right place but...

I carried out my usual spring maintenance 3-4 weeks ago, Removed & Serviced Filter and Pump, replaced UV, Cleaned sponges etc. Usually within 2-3 weeks my water is clear but this year still Pea Soup, so i decided to use Tetra Crystal Water, something i never need or want to use, not only because im eu-natural but im just to cynical to believe the hype; but needs must and of course it worked....for 1 week, now pea soup again....just what the guy in the shop said wouldn't happen.

My pond is around 5000l so getting small for the growing 5 x Koi and 2 x Gold all @ 4-6 inches long + 7 or so inch long babies that have appeared, not sure how as I'm sure the Koi wouldn't mate like that and the Golds are males and the babies are black and look like neither???? Oh Well the more the merrier....

The pump was running through winter and its been fine weather here so far this spring. The pond is under a tree but i do clear leaves and while it was clear i could see the bottom was pretty clean. I don't have a bottom drain.

The fish are happy and again feeding from the surface, although the Koi still don't seem to like me and chip off when I'm around, maybe its my face!!!

I'm due 3 x 5inch new Gold arrivals soon but not sure if i can take them with the new babies.

I have attached 2 photos, excuse the messy edges, scruffiness and low water level(( missing screws in pump UV..I think)) i want the water clear before i get the time to get the pond looking summer nice.

Pump is Oase 6000- Pump is Pond Expert 4500 so there all good quality and have been reliable for past 4 years.

I have posted this message on Pond Only forums but their always so serous and tell me that my fish are all going to die with in a week, i always get a more friendly and level headed response here....

All advice is good, as long as its good.....












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    You could try this, Rich B, it worked well in our pond which is twice as big as yours.


    I wouldn't put too many fish in though, as their poo encourages algae.

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    Hi Rich, I hope I can help you out We've had our pond 15 years, Its not massive i'll add a picture, We have 70 fish in there including 15 KOI, And 10 pond plants. We have had water clarity issues before, And this sounds to me as we've previously experienced that your pump has lost power, Or your sponges need replacing. We have a waterfall and can tell when the pump is coming to the end of its life as the power decreases. We had an Aquamax 8500, Which is the dogs swingers but unfortunately over time they will lose there vigour, In return even after a complete clean out or drain down the water is completely dirty within 7 days. Once we replaced ours last year the water stays clean for months on end now. Also try going for a slightly higher pump, our recommended pump size is 6500, We go for a 8500, Reason being over time as they lose power we get further use out of them, as they revert down. In the 15 years we have had to replace 4 pumps, 4 years is a good life. Hope my advice has helped. David.

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