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How long do leeks take to germinate? My outdoor ones are only just appearing after 2 and a half weeks, which seems slow to me. Those in the coldframe popped up much much quicker. Carrots took ~10 days outside. Parsnips are hiding after nearly 3 weeks. Pak choi germinates in a few days. Courgettes took about 3 days! Chillis took 5+ days (nice fresh seed from Real Seeds).

What about sweetcorn and french beans? I have some in pots in the cold frame.



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    Hi germination is dependant mainly on warmth. Old seed always seems to take longer too. Parsnips do take a while to germinate and you must keep the soil around them moist. Pak choi does germinate quickly. Courgettes & chillis I guess you have these inside.

    I start sweetcorn in individual modules next week. French beans i start in a damp cloth also next week then plant those which throw out roots into individual pots. Neither sweetcorn or french beans can stand the cold.

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    Thanks, yes I realise some do not tolerate cold, which is why chillis and courgettes were started indoors, and french beans and sweetcorn are in a (frost free) coldframe. Some chillis are now in the coldframe and thriving.

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    No-one got specific times for their leek and other seeds? I know it depends on many factors, but it'd be interesting to know which are slow. 

    Ian: old chilli seeds certainly do take ages, fresh can take five days, I've had chilli seeds from well known sources take six weeks, or even fail, and I'm no capsicum novice. 

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    Leeks March / April outdoor sowing germination 14 - 18 days.

    I have always grown them in pots and transplanted into holes in the soil when they are big enough. 

    French beans if sown directly in May 7-14 days, they will rot if sown too early and the soil is wet and cold. I start mine in pots in the GH and they usually show in about 7 days, I did them two days ago.  

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    Thanks KEF. I had French bean seeds in beds fail last year, so am using pots this year. I do like using modules and pots when possible. Sadly it seems carrots and other roots don't like that. 

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    All my seedlings died, a long story but I was in hospital unexpectedly for nearly three weeks so started sowing again just over a week ago.

    Sown indoors because it's still to cold here and with no heat -Turnip and swede 3-4 days. Leeks and sunflowers 6 days. With heat - toms 10 days. On damp kitchen roll - beans, pea's and sweetcorn about 3-4 days, potted on at 7 days.

    Not a sign of anything else, list to long to mention. 

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    Didn't know that you can germinate sweetcorn on damp kitchen roll Zoomer, do you find this is quicker than doing it in seed trays? Just sown some this way and they are in the plastic greenhouse

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    I always germinate sweetcorn on damp kitchen paper in a closed container at room temperature. 100 percent success with certain seed suppliers.

    Examine them every day and as soon as you see the root shoot emerge put the seed gently with tweezers into a pot of compost or a RootTrainer or compost-filled toilet roll and cover lightly with compost.
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    Second year I've done it hollie hock, all the seeds germinted. 

    They seem to have germinated quicker, some have tiny green shoots. The roots were long, 2' but I've potted up into toilet rolls so was able to make a deep hole with the dibber.

    Did the same thing last year and about 4 plants failed to grow on in the toilet rolls, I'm not advising others to do the same but my mini pop corn plants were over 6ft tall last year.

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    Thanks all, very helpful. image

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