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Talkback: Persistent weeds

does anyone have any experience with Colts Foot. It is driving me bonkers in my veg patch and I am dreading the sight of it appearing again this year. Many thanks.


  • I have heard that there is a form of Tagetes that if you plant it something that the roots give off kills the weeds - Sarah Raven has it in her catalogue and says it is very effective. I am thinking of trying it on a patch of bindweed
  • I think weeds should be left where they are!
  • Helen, I think that the Tagetes you are referring to is effective against ground elder. It has some chemical effect via the roots which deters ground elder from growing. Sounds good to me! Not sure if it works on bindwind though - you may need to do some more research?
  • My experience of the couch grass is that it overwhelms the natural soil and plants. If you try to remove it and split the growing root stems which are clear white then it will regrow itself. If you have this growth in your plot of land, then try to remove it gently eg tease it out then burn it. My experience is that this plant grows to a near by water supply eg an underground stream which is not always evident.
  • Another way of getting rid of couch grass is to plant turnips. Couch grass really doesn't like growing in the same space, and will retreat
  • My worst nightmares are mare's tail and celandines. I use weedkiller in crystal form on bruised mare's tail and cover it with grass cuttings to prevent any getting onto my cats' paws. The celandines will get a glyphosate spray once I have dug up my snowdrops growing in the middle of them, and then wash the bulbs to ensure there are no celandine bulblets lurking in amongst them.
  • Removed soil to make a path, soil full of couch grass would like to reuse soil, any suggestions on how to remove grass, soil heaped up next to compost bin, have thought of spraying with glyphosate and covering with old carpets.
  • You would be best to wait a couple of weeks to let as much of the couch grass shoot as possible (remember that Glyphosate only works on green stuff, not roots). Hit with glyphosate but do not cover immediately.
    Alternatively if you starve any plant of light - by covering with carpet or Black plastic it will eventually die away. (If you remember your school biology class it is all about photosynthesis.)
  • Bindweed and couch grass I can cope with. How do I kill bamboo? Really desperate for advice.
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