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I wanted to say that I have Aly's book The Thrifty Gardener, and never before have I been so inspired!!! It is a fantastic book, on so many levels, I love the thrift element, and her advice has been invaluable, even though I have only had the book since Christmas. Thanks Alys, and Gardeners World............tele and mag.


  • Brilliant - i love the cut -and -come again salad!
  • I like this feature, always up for easy, thankyou Gardeners World
  • just starting out - need to make my raised beds yet. i'll definitely look out for a copy of Aly's book! cheers

  • i have only been sowing in my garden for 2years now and it is very small but every inch of it it taken up with something. I love it i grow my own veg,fruit and herbs. i have lots if bees and insects in my garden all the time and birds. its the best place in the world and my own grown food just taste the best. My mother always grew all her own stuff her garden is amazing so thanks mom for giving me the green finger.
  • How wonderful to see Alys's face back, she is so down to earth in everything she tells you, my husband and I can't wait to see her back on the T.V. When she tells you something it ALWAYS works out well.
  • i can grow veg on pots only (live in an apartment), i tried to grow some courgette but no luck, after the flowers, they just died. please help. tnx
  • what is a good cucumber to grow in a greenhouse

    beckye Hi

    I only have a small garden and have grown all my veg in pots for many years. Keep trying it is worth it. The season really began for us tonight when I made a rhubarb crumble with the first of this years harvest. My rhubarb is also grown in a large pot with multipurpos compost and top dressed with shop bought horse manure in early february, this year I even forced it with a rhubarb forcer. This year will be different though as my husband has bought me 3 vegtrugs.  Do you have a balcony, is it windy etc. If you could tell me the aspect you have maybe I could recommend easier plants for you to grow. I am trying some of the Thompson and Morgan urban collection this year. The veg plants are surpossed to fit into smaller spaces and ideal for growing in pots. I,ll keep you posted. Happy Growing.

  • Best way to grow onions for beginners please.
  • sotongeoffsotongeoff Posts: 9,802

    The easiest way is from onion sets planted in the autumn or spring.

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