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Pea Shingle Patio and path

Good morning,

I've got an old wonky conservatory with a concrete floor which is only 30mm above my damp proof layer. So once the conservatory has been knocked down i'll be left with a 1.5x6m slopped and bobbly concrete slab in the wrong place, and right where i want to be sitting in the evenings. I was thinking about knocking away a 200mm gap between the concrete and house  and installing some drainage, then extending and patching up the concrete floor to make a patio area, and then paint it "Pebble Shore". I've just woken up with a different solution, to bash up the concrete, mix it with some hardcore and make it a base to then lay a stone chipping patio area, and also a path to the rear of the garden. So my questions are:

Whats the best gravel option for a sitting area? I'm hoping Pea Shingle will be ok, as money is tight but would like to hear other options.
What size gravel compacts the best?
Do those honey comb things work?

Many thanks,



  • Sam JessonSam Jesson Posts: 121

    honey comb = Matrix Paving/Geo-matrices/cellular system

  • Jennifer 10Jennifer 10 Posts: 112

    It seems to me you need the concrete floor gone, as far as I know you shouldn't have anything above the damp proof course or it will not work. 

  • debs20debs20 Posts: 39

    hi Sam...the honeycomb matrix should be laid on a smooth flat surface I think, otherwise it will allow stones/shingle through to get trapped underneath and cause even more unevenness.

    I've no idea re cost of different gravel, it all seems pricey to me.

    I reckon you should smash up the concrete if its not flat/level,  then flatten the area (may need to hire a machine) and lay weed proof membrane then the chippings.

    Dont know cost of hire for a machine but if you removed all the concrete (to start afresh) that would cost too so you may as well recycle it.

    Honeycomb stuff would be good for paths I think...I'm thinking of using it so I can have a "grass drive".

  • debs20debs20 Posts: 39

    What about bark...I think that would be cheaper...

  • Sam JessonSam Jesson Posts: 121
    Thanks for your help! I'm going to go for gravel on the path then look at different options for the patio area
  • LeadFarmerLeadFarmer Posts: 1,464

    Smooth pebbles can end up getting kicked around everywhere when you walk on them, you could be forever picking them up and throwing them back onto the patio. Rough sided pebbles lock together and stay in place.

  • hogweedhogweed Posts: 4,053

    Chairs sit uncomfortably on a gravel base.

    Best if you break up the concrete and get it taken away. You will never get it broken down small enough to use as hardcore for a new patio base which may again be higher than the original one. Best to get rid of it and start from scratch at the right level.


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