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Pruning tall evergreen holly



  • My holly was in a bad way when we moved here and we prunned it to shape and it survied and hollies can be used as hedges so clipping is ok.

  • irvingirving Posts: 1

    I also took yew cuttings after the programme a few weeks ago but I am unsure where I should keep them over winter. I don't have a greenhouse or shed. Would they be ok outside in a sheltered part of the garden or I have a brick leanto with no door. 

  • DovefromaboveDovefromabove Posts: 82,802

    I would keep them outside in a sheltered corner - if you don't have a cold frame it would be good to rig up an old window or sheet of heavy duty plastic on some bricks, just to keep the worst of the weather off. But there's no need for sides - plenty of ventilation will be good and low temperatures won't be a problem. image

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  • Evergreen cuttings generally seem to thrive on neglect provided they don't dry out or become completely waterlogged. I have managed to raise some holly cuttings and some yew with minimal attention. They seem to take best during the Winter months when they are semi-dormant and the ones I took last year have made some quite respectable growth as long leader stems which I want to try and train into standards with the ball shaped heads time from now. All they need is a stout cane to encourage a strong leader encourage a straight central stem and I should be able to start training them next Spring.  Watch this space!

  • Have a standard holly,metre high ,was tight ball but this year slthought it has berries,looks leggy,how do I get it to tighten up again?

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