Bosch Electric Saw Demo

Another electric gizmo that I have bought and used.  Must say that a lot of previous prunings and stumps are now cleared away and I am really liking this tool.

Not 100% sure about the safety side of this item.  It feels very very dangerous  But effectiveness wise - very very good.  About £75 from B&Q.


  • I think that as it is a reciprocating blade at relatively few strokes per minute it is inherently safe, not like a circular saw revolving at 1200 rpm. However I suggest you hold it firmly in both hands and don't apply the blade to any body parts.   I have always found that Bosch equipment works well, they don't make mediocre tools.

  • Wise words Curmudgeon!  Yes it certainly works well and feels as if it will last a few years.  I don't think I would pick up a circular saw at home image

  • I was worrying that your fence might be reciprocated to death!

  • Yep exactly Steve.  that is what made me stop in the end.  Will be quicker to replace that rotted out panel than saw the ivy off it.  The fence is my responsibility to replace but the ivy growing from my neighbour's side has destroyed it.  Makes me feel like not paying for it.

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