Greenhouse - reglaze or buy a new one ?!

I've been given the frame of a greenhouse from my sister. It has curved roof sides and looks very similar to a Halls supreme - but there are no labels on it and my sister has no idea of the make. It has no glass so needs re glazing. I'd like to use polycarbonate or toughened glass - does anyone have an idea how much it would cost to reglaze completely and where to get polycarbonate / glass - I've looked online but everything is geared up to replacing the odd pane and not the whole lot !! Also, as its dismantled at the moment presumably I'd have to assemble it to then measure all the panes ? Or is it 'best' to buy a new one - reluctant to do so as I'd like to make use of what I've got. Any thoughts ?



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    Just buying ordinary 3mm replacement panes can be an expensive pastime so I would go to your local glass suppliers and get an estimate for the whole lot and then check that against the price of a new one which would have the advantage of build instructions and glass cut ready to size.

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    I've just given away all my glass from last old greenhouses on freecycle . Might be worth a look there. But as Obelixx says, you might be better buying new. You might find trouble getting the curved "panes" too unless you know the manufacturer for certain.

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    And there's something lovely about having something brand spanking new

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    Could you use the frame as a sort of polytunnel, until you can save up for a new greenhouse?  Just wrap the assembled greenhouse in a thick plastic sheet?  Just wrap the sharp edges in something to protect the plastic.  

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  • Locally to us, standard horticultural glass cost me a fiver for a sheet, toughened was about eight pounds.

  • I only had to change one panel in my old greenhouse, I was trying to be a bit helpful...

  • Not offended at all, we have a local shed place that charged me a fiver. I was surprised. A local glazier cut it down to size for me for free too!

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    Bit of a tricky job putting it up with no instructions! Try it first and if all well get the glazier round to measure it. Can you fit polycarbonate instead of glass? Will the thickness be the same? Was it glass originally? And were the curved panels polycarbonate or Perspex type stuff on the old one?

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    Your biggest problem will be getting curved panes for the roof edges.

    Most on line stores will not send glass through the post and buying from a local glass shop is expensive, as you've read. I had a square edged GH and purchased a full set of glass from B&Q several years ago it was just over £100 for a 6 by 8, I did have some glass though, that was several years ago and at that time they only sold full sets at a time which is several packs. The end triangular pieces did not fit, so these were cut by the local glass shop at a small cost. I'm talking less than £2 per pane.  

    It worked out far cheaper than buying a new GH.   

    If there is a place sellling GH's locally with curved edges you might be able to negotiate just buying the glass.

    A standard GH has standard sized glass which fits most, me thinks it's either 60 by 60 or 61 by 60. You would need to measure the spaces between the frame sides to check the sides of your GH as I'm not sure if yours is standard.

    Sorry can't be more helpful.   

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