Help needed please with laurel hedge issues...



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     Sorry first pic shows the effects of pruning
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    lockegail said:
    Hi all. Great thread. I am hoping for advice and suspect I know the answer. Do I need to cut these right back? I planted them in the autumn and the advice I got with them was to not prune for a year but now I think that is wrong. Thanks in advance. 
    Take the sticks out and cut them in half.
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    Thanks Lyn. I am going to have to be brave aren’t I?

    Did I read it right that I could stick the top half in the ground and grow another bush?
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    No, you can’t do that but you can take cuttings from side shoots. 
    Gardening on the wild, windy west side of Dartmoor. 

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    Thanks Lyn. Sounds a bit too complicated for me so will just chop them off and bin them.   :(
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    Hi all. Well after all that.... I'm emigrating and the house is up for sale. So thanks for the advice. Final post from me but hopefully this topic will continue to be of some use to people, and hopefully the hedge will help sell the place with the extra privacy it provides.

    Final thoughts: Very happy with the growth and height of the eventual hedge. Hadn't banked on birds nesting in it and making 'mess' everywhere. Not overly happy with the flowers and berrys that grow and drop all over the patio all spring. If I could go back to 2015, I'd probably try conifers.

    Lessons learned: Don't buy tall Laurels off ebay scammers at over inflated prices.

    Note: I've not cut back the bushes the last 2 years now, and I've definitely noticed a slow-down in new growth as a result. That was fine for me as they were getting unmanageable.

    So to summarise... 4 years has seen it go from this:

    to this:

    Thanks all


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    Glad it all helped. Best of luck with the new home etc. 👍 
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    befuddled said:

    Annual update as promised. Mine have just hit 3yrs since the initial cut. Around 9ft now and still in growing season (ground level is 1ft below the wooden loglap panelling). That's around 2ft per year by my reckoning. Now giving me the screening I wanted. 3yr old pic included for reference for anyone finding this thread.

    Loving it!


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    i forgot to post a picture of Frank after the defoliation. Unfortunately I forgot to take a pic before that.
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    Is that a laurel @Loribeth70? Or was it? I'm slightly confused by your post.  :)
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