Wood Ash Uses

hi, guys I'm fairly new to this gardening lark and am currently transforming my garden to a Japanese theme.  I already have 3 large acres over 8 ft tall together with a large Rhodaddendum 4ft in height.

These appear to be doing well and am in the process of purchasing similar type plants.

I have a log burner in my conservatory and was thinking of using the ash to help with nutrients etc.

i would appreciate any advice regarding the use of Ash etc.


  • Keep it away from the Rhodies as they prefer an acidic soil ad wood ash will slowly turn the soil alkali. If you plan to put it on the soil, do so in the winter and rake it in so the weather can have a go at it before it reaches the plant roots.

    You can also add it in thin layers to your compost heap, but again, sparingly, Also, only use ash from untreated wood as you don't want to take the risk of chemicals finding their way into the soil.

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