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Frogs and leaves

TJ8TJ8 Posts: 4

I have just found out that leaves in the bottom of your pond are not good for your frogs. Is it okay to get some of them out now or should I wait - I don't want to frighten our frogs. I am hoping it was a natural death but I found a female frog yesterday with one empty egg at her rear.


  • I would try and remove as much as you can as gently as you can try when the frogs aren't too active, I'm sorry about your frogs TJ8. I hope it all gets better, try and use a small net leave them at the side of the pond for 24hrs allowing any other wildlife to clamber out, you could add some more oxygenating plants like you get in a fish tank it might help later.
  • TJ8TJ8 Posts: 4

    Thanks flowerbunny85 I'll do that this morning. The water is crystal clear but I'll bear in mind about getting more plants. I am wondering if the poor little thing drowned as I saw her the previous day. She moved as I got to the pond and then went still so I thought she was 'hiding' and would move off when I left. I know it could be age or anything but a few nights before that I remember my husband saying that he had seen one female and three males all sitting on their own at that point.


  • Yeah, you want to try and time it after mating finishes but before too much spawn hatches. If you leave it till autumn, try and do it before anything begins hibernating at the bottom.

  • LynLyn DevonPosts: 20,519

    In the book I used when I made my wildlife pond, he says just leave it...who goes out to ponds in wild and dredges leaves out . Frogs breed in those very well without human aid.

    Gardening on the wild, windy west side of Dartmoor. 

  • TJ8TJ8 Posts: 4

    Thanks Jimmy, I took a few leaves out this morning and found a frog hiding underneath so I will leave them alone for a while.image

  • TJ8TJ8 Posts: 4

    Hi Lyn, I must admit the thought of wild ponds went through my mind but then I realised that the leaves would breakdown into the soil. My pond looks pretty natural but my husband put a layer of concrete on and then we had it fibre-glassed so there is nowhere else for the gases to escape except into the water.

  • GemmaJFGemmaJF Posts: 2,286

    Hi TJ8

    Don't worry about the leaves now. Leave it undisturbed, trying to remove them now will just disturb the pond and potentially release nutrients into the water. This will then give an unpleasant 'algal bloom' for the summer.

    In the autumn when the tadpoles have moved on, take some preventative measures to stop an accumulation of leaves. I net them out each day, others put netting over the pond to prevent the leaves going in the water.

    At that time (autumn) remove some of the current leaves from the bottom of the pond if you want to.

    At this time of year  it is best just to let nature get on with it all. Those decaying leaves may even be covered in algae with a few weeks that will becomes a food source for the tadpoles. image

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