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Hi there

I'm trying to create a wildlife garden at our new home.  There is an established frog pond there already.  This morning I just saw a rat around the pond - walking down to the water and scurrying amongst the marginals.  The pond is LOADED with tadpoles at the moment.  Do they eat the tadpoles?

Anyway, the wider question is - the rat will contaminate the water, right?

So what do I do about it, in the least harmful way?

I have seen mice around our garden, but it's a large space and I expect (and want) to share it with widlife, but a rat is a step too far!


  • GemmaJFGemmaJF Posts: 2,286

    I shoot them goldfinches with a .22 rifle.

    Mice, voles and shrews, no problem but rats are not welcome.

    Rats can infect the water if they pee in it, but it won't affect the tadpoles. Leptospirosis is the disease rats can carry. The trouble is rats constantly pee so potentially they can infect any water they go near.

    We humans have to be careful with it, so one would not to work in the pond water with open wounds on the hands (without making sure they are sealed off completely), avoid ingesting the water or touching the eyes or mouth with hands wet with pond water. Personally I would recommend the same precaution whenever working around water in the garden as we just never know if it is infected or not.


  • MarkNMarkN Posts: 17

    Gemma "I shoot them goldfinches with a .22 rifle." for a minute there I thought you meant you shoot goldfinches and was quite shocked! But you were of course replying to the username "Goldfinch"image 

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