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Help needed to brighten up this unsightly corner


  • At the side of our back garden is this random water feature that I'd like to brighten up.

    it gets early morning sun for a few hours.

    my husband would prefer something that doesn't grows up the fence.

    i was thinking of removing the bricks from the wooden trough, filling with soil and planting ferns and hostas but don't think this would give it the needed height to cheer it up. 

    Any suggestions welcome please 

  • it's not even a corner! I'm blaming these early morning baby feeds for my error. The photo appears to post appear in the thread for a few minutes and then disappear! Perhaps the moderator thinks that it's just toodarn ugly to be on this site image

  • is the picture not there?! I can see it now. The tree icon just brings up long error message about Ajax callback error or summat. Think I better delete this thread. It's getting ridiculous with all the empty grey boxes! 

  • Not sure what's going on, but the url for that pic is a bit suss looking? Website takes these occasional wobbler.

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