Last year's carrots

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I sowed some purple carrots in a container last year but only got very small carrots so didn't bother to harvest them. The roots left over the winter are now sprouting again. If I let them grow (with feeding and watering) will I get larger carrots this year? 


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    You'll get carrot flowers.  image  They are a biannual, and bloom/seed on the second year.  Pull them up and start again.  Purple carrots are fun, but there are a host of other carrots that are better suited for containers.  Nantes or Globe varieties come to mind first.

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    Given the size of the carrots they will be very small flowers indeed image. They were part of a novelty colourful veg seed collection I got as a joke pressy so no great loss. 

  • Blame the Dutch for the Orange carrots, apparently. Some sook of a gardener decided to breed an orange cultivar to cosy up to one of the Williams. A bit like those bizarre red tomatoes.

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    Verdun....I didnt think you were supposed to feed the ground for carrots, it makes them fork? 

    Gardening on the wild, windy west side of Dartmoor. 
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    Each to his ownimage

  • granmagranma Posts: 1,584

     Before anyone says it , I will add ............Or hersimage

    I grow yellow Tom's ,white cucumbers  Tec

    Someone has got to be different image

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    I grow the rainbow carrots in my tubs but I thin out the seedlings to get better size 

    carrots just like you would on the allotments.imageimage

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