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Opinions on 'red dead nettles'?

II've work at a livery yard, the owner of the land and owner of the horses wants to re open a small path to contect two field so they can have better and quicker acces to the horses, I've been handed this job (cutting down long grass, removing weeds, cutting down brambles and replanting a hedgerow). Anyway, I've almost finished and I'des discoverd a small area of 'red dead nettles' the owner ofthe lame has agreed to tow thngs, 1) is that I can dig these up and re-locate them (a few fet away) to save them and 2) I can take any left overs home, sadly, any left over will be stepped on by the handlers and the horses so they have to be moved. 


I simply have to questions, 


1) what's your opinions on these plants, if I plant them would they be a good addition and a good use of space? 


2) how well do these do in partial shade, low fertile soil? Common mouse ear (I think that's what it called) it's some what established in this area of the garden...


  • Chris MasonChris Mason Posts: 159

    That's what 7am - 8pm does to your grammar. ^^

  • nutcutletnutcutlet PeterboroughPosts: 26,850

    bees like red deadnettle. It's an annual so don't bother taking too many, just enough for a seed supply. There's usually some flowering for the New Year's Day flower count. It likes disturbed soil (your flower/veg beds). Grows more or less anywhere here.

  • bekkie hughesbekkie hughes Posts: 5,294
    As Nut said, worth taking a few, i think its really pretty, but it can get a bit too happy and be a bit of a pain, but you probably arent as lazy a gardener as meimage

    The spot you described should be fine, as far as i can tell its not very fussy image
  • Chris MasonChris Mason Posts: 159

    Thank you, I was planning on taking about 10, don't worry, the area of garden has nothing there, I'm happy to allow them to spread (more the better) into the grass, obviously dead nettles are far more beneficial to bees, insects etc than grass...

  • Nanny BeachNanny Beach Posts: 8,294

    I think they are pretty (and at least they dont sting!) Have left some at the bottom of my garden, near the veg plot to encourage the bees, who will hopefully see the attractive fruit trees in blossom!  Bring them on!  I find wildflower transplanting quite difficult, they seem to grow where THEY want

  • Chris MasonChris Mason Posts: 159

    I've learnt that ha ha, sadly a few have died but the ones that are alive are surviving. I also got my hands on some white nettles, they're doing better but they took some casualties. I think over all the change in PH is what got the,, I'll try buying them from seed next time..

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