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We have an acre garden backing onto fields and have had a problem with rabbits over the years.  This year for the first time all my hebes  have been grazed and now seems to have started on the dwarf azelas and rhodedendrons, could this also be rabbits.  I have never known them to eat these before, but they definitely look grazed. Last year it was all the aquilegia but this time these have been ignored - could it be deer as well - help!!!!


  • nutcutletnutcutlet Posts: 27,148

    Shrub grazing sounds more like deer. Muntjac have pruned several laurels this year, never done that before. I thought laurels were poisonous but the muntjac are still lively

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  • wrighttwrightt Posts: 229

    It was deer that ate the top of mine as they were too tall for rabbits. Deer also ate all the leaves of my roses one year, they looked very funny when they flowered without leaves. Getting rid of either of them is near impossible a you would need a wire fence going down into the ground 18" and curved up to stop the rabbits and it would need to be at least 7' tall to stop the deer. I have been told that if you hang the hair from your hairbrush on plants that deer will not touch them but I have not tried it out. The rhododendrons that I have that the deer ate have just bushed out, so no harm was done except that I got no flowers. Theses are slowly getting too big for the deer to reach. Check the way the have been nibbled as you can normally notice the difference between deer and rabbit nibbles.

  • Many thanks for suggestions, perhaps I need to get a camera on the site.

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