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In bad need of some advice

I am a beginner grardener and have come across my first problems. Could anyone give me advice on what pests have caused this to some of my evergreens (it's a cherry laurel in the photo) and how to deal with it?



  • Fungal leaf infection. Trim out the badly affected leaves. Give the plant a sprinkle of Blood Fish and Bone around the roots, a bit of a mulch and a good water. Once the conditions causing the fungus change, it'll recover fine.

  • Thank you Jimmy! I will do just that. I was fearing it would be some invisible creepy crawlers image I'm glad it's something else. Can it spread? I see some similar brown bits on other evergreens I have also... I suppose same treatment is in order.

  • I wouldn't worry, evergreens are usually robust. Once it warms up and the air dries out a bit it should be fine. Just keep an eye out, It'll only be a problem for the plant if it gets really bad.

  • That is very reassuring, I will remove all affected leaves and Keep an eye out in futureimage
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