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Hi guys I need to share some excitement with you, I am having a move around in my garden and I have a summer house which is now going to be a posh potting shed and I used it today for the first time and I love it its big too. At the moment it has a couple of boxes in there that are in the way but when they have gone I will be able to spread my green fingers. The old shed is getting knocked down and where that was I am going to put my grow bags and pots so I have like a mini allotment in my back garden I can't wait!!! 


  • GemmaJFGemmaJF Posts: 2,286

    Well done on the new potting shed. I converted our shed to a potting shed last Autumn, got me through some dark days in winter sowing seeds. I love the hour or two I spend in there on a Sunday whilst dinner cooks potting things on. image

  • Cool, I have light and power down there which is cool so if it does start to get dark and I get carried away I can still see what I'm doing! It sun a sun trap as well so I have my grow house next to it I will take some photos so you can see what it looks like from the outside and the inside, that will be next week at some point when the boxes have gone to charity! 

  • Blue OnionBlue Onion Posts: 2,995

    You're so lucky!  I'd love a little spot to grow my seedlings (away from the destructive tendencies of a 13 month old, and the inclination to over-water by a four year old).  Especially as you have electricity out there too.. I can imagine going out after putting the boys to sleep, and actually having more than half an hour of light in which to garden.  Lucky you!

    Utah, USA.
  • Blue Onion, you could give them seeds to plant them selves might get them interested and if they do over water them, then it will be their seeds no your and wonder why they have died!! I planted some sunflower seeds that must be 5 or 6 years old yesterday I wonder if they will grow! 

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