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Moldy bulbs

i planted a number of tulips at the end of last year in well drained planters on my terrace. Many started to appear and look robust, but there were large gaps where several bulbs had not grown. I decided to explore this by digging gently in one planter and found that the bulbs there had started to sprout, but were covered in a blue/green mold. Does anyone have any advice on the best course of action to take? Should I dig up the moldy bulbs or leave them in the planters? This is my first go at growing tulips, and I'm a complete beginner.


  • Blue OnionBlue Onion Posts: 2,947

    The mold is likely just on the outer scales, probably due to some sort of trauma or damage prior to planting.  I'd just leave them in the planters and let them get on with it.  It's usually not fatal.  Were these particular one's a different variety?  Were they planted deeper?  That might explain why they are a bit later.  

    Utah, USA.
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