I have about 60sqm of garden I am going to turf. I have cleared the area of existing grass but now need to dig the area. I don't really want to do it with a fork, so have looked at garden tillers.


Would anyone recommend an particular make or model for the purpose I want. I would prefer electric but would a 700w be ok or 1000w. The ground isn't clay and isn't rock hard as it was dug about 2 years ago, but want to buy a powerful enough one.

Also I don't want to spend a fortune as I don't need it after as I don't have any use for it. I have looked at hiring but delivery/collection charges are quite a bit and most are look to big for the  area I want to use it in.


Ebay seem to have only collection only adverts and none are near me.





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    You could hire one for the day Carl. Some tool hire companies have them available. Then you can have a nice powerful petrol one and breeze through the job, without the expense of buying one that isn't needed long-term. image

  • Hi Sadly neighbour doesn't have one either.

    The ones available to hire seem very big and I have been quoted between £10 and £20 each way for collection and delivery, then there's the cost of petrol and then the actual hire which varies from £40-£90 ish so it works out just as much or less to buy one.


    I was hoping on then selling it to get some money back.

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    wow £90 hire is more than to buy one? Mine cost £650 ten years ago. image Hiring a large powerful one that doesn't just tickle the top of the ground may pay off in the long run.

  • Ok when I say £90 hire is more than one to buy, I know hire ones are larger powerful petrol ones, and buying is either electric or cheap petrol, so the difference is big but some of the electric ones do seem to be ok from watching videos online.

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    I wouldn't have thought the electric or small petrol ones would be up to the job to be honest, 60sqm is fair bit of ground to turn over. 

  • Ok thanks for your advice.

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    It might be cheaper to get a local garden person (you know, those people who do people's gardens for them) to do it for you - paying them by the hour or the square metre or whatever may work out to your advantage.  You could always ask for a couple of quotes.  Local Garden Centres can usually recommend someone image

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    'Ronnie' says he would do it for £1 per square meter. image You are not in Essex by any chance Carl?

  • Nope not Essex. Thanks though


  • Hi Carl I was just wondering if you had any success with your rotavating?? I've picked the most miserable week off work to do the garden but rotavating my large lawn is the next job on the list and I'm feeling somewhat daunted by it! I've mowed the grass as bald as I can and hiring a rotavator to turn the very bumpy, weedy, patchy, ugly lawn before we lay fresh turf. just wondering how you got on and if you have any advice?

    Thanks, Laura 

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