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  • Just wondering if i have something special starting, i share my time between here and my holiday home in spain where i have a few orange trees this year i have a branch on one of them that has turned out to be variegated with a variegated orange on it?just the one branch,and it has made me wonder,any help please
  • I buy my potatoes from JBA seed potatoes in Scotland.They have a selection of vintage potatoes that taste like nothing I've ever had before. Very happy with the quality and always nice people to deal with. I will be planting Dark red Norlands this year.
  • hi i am a first time potatoe grower. i have started chitting my pots but they seem to have fur growing on the shoots. any ideas what this could be? or how i could stop it? could really do with some advice? [email protected] thanks
  • Your indeed right with this one!!!
  • What a well executed article!
  • Hi can anyone tell me what type of potatoes that i can plant now so that i can have some home grown potatoes for my xmas dinner. Please we like roast and boiled any help would be great a great big thanks and happy xmas to all. Thanks Marc
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