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  • I always go to the same garden centre for my seed potatoes, Tyne Dale garden, Mickley near Gateshead. They sell them by weight so I can choose the number I require as they are loose in a box. This year I am trying a first early named Rocket.
  • Hi All , my first post! Is it too late to plant potatoes? I'm just preparing a plot in my back garden and wondering if i can put some spuds in? Many thanks for any good advice
  • Potatoes will grow anywhere only the soil condition determines your yield as for late planting try planting tubers three inches down and cover with straw and mulch saves time earthing up
  • I'm growing potatoes in bags this year, arran pilots and some others I forget the name, I've earthed them up once already but I'm unsure as to how much if at all I need to water them, any ideas?
  • I am trying to grow spuds for the first time in old 20lt pickeled ginger tubs and an old compost bag.
    could you tell me when i need to add more compost to build up the crop
  • I grew potatoes last year in tubs and in a dustbin,they all were a great success,this year I planted early (end of march)in 2 dustbins I live in the north east and to say the weather was a bit up and down is an under statement they got over wet for a few weeks then the got -5 /6 for a week.I really thought I had waisted my time,but to look at them now 1 bin is already up to the top Ive earthed these with a mix of compost out of our bin and multipurpose from the garden center.The other bin they are only approx 4" or so at the bottom of the bin,I never chitted any of them I didn't last year I do think this might have helped them when it froze because they had no shoots on them,im going to plant some singles in the tubs I used last year for later on.
  • What is the latest date that one can plant out seed potatoes ?
  • I am a novice in my first year with my allotment and have just harvested my first potatoes "Swift" and found many of them to be split. Could anyone tell me why this is and what can I do about it?
  • This is my first year of veg growing and my potatoes have done well. I grew them from a bag of seed potatoes bought from a shop what is the process once they are ready to harvest because I want to grow more next year but don't want to buy the seed potatoes again.
  • I think I've got the dreaded Potato Blight. Black spots on loads of the leaves. First time I've grown potatoes (and in containers) - so not really sure of the consequences of blight. Will the potatoes still be alright to eat when lifted - or should I destroy the whole lot. Please say they'll still be edible after all the hard work!!!!
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