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  • Sharpe's Express are chitting up beautifully am delighted thus far, just waiting for suitable weather to plant!!
  • I am a recent convert to raised beds in my veg plot and first earlys I grew last year were the cleanest and slug free I have had in 30 years of veg growing. I usually use Foremost as my first early but this year I was seduced by a bag of Swift at my local garden centre. My experience with pot grown spuds is that you get more but smaller ones. What happens with yours?
  • I've planted out some Arran Pilot's and have the left overs from a 2.5kg bag from B&Q chitting in a box tray in my porch with a similar bag of Maris Peer's. Just hope this weather isn't going to spoil those earlies in the ground. This is my second year of growing veg in my garden in North London, sth east facing. I've just brought in all my seedlings from the very small plastic greenhouses to sit in my conservatory. Got loads of tom's, sweetpea, brussel's, collies and parsnips all getting leggy in the window. Wanted this weekend to be a good one, weather wise, to pot on and harden off before planting out. Now I'm playing nurse made in my kitchen conservatory with no room to do the washing. Good luck all you fellow veggie growers.
  • I'm growing potatoes in potato bags this year. I've had them successfully in the ground for the past two years but as my veg plot is quite small I'm trying bags this year. I found it frustrating having to buy bags with many more potatoes than I needed in the past, this year I've discovered a good selection of small packs at very reasonable prices on e-bay so I'm delighted.
  • Im a beginner with potatoes and need some advice. I'm chitting them ready for planting but not sure how big the shoots should be before they are ready for planting. Help please.
  • I am chitting some earlies- Rocket and Belle de Fontenay on a windowsill. The sprouts are black rather than green. The room is quite cold and I wondered whether too much condensation could have caused this. Does it matter? Thanks, Sheila
  • again i plan to grow potatoes (pentland)in a bin any advice on how thanks
  • I note with interest your comment about diseased seed potatoes from bought seed. This happened to me, but I noticed a considerable amount of damage to the tubers prior to chitting and complained. Yes I did receive a replacement bag of seed, but I had to throw away nearly 20% of the seed. despite the protesting from the seed merchant concerned. I think gardeners should be much faster to complain as I did. I also think this point of seed quality should be taken up; seed potatoes are not cheap.
  • I am a primary teacher getting ready to explore growing potatoes with my class of 4-5 year olds. Every time I research potato growing websites refer to 'seed potatoes'. What are these and why can't I use potatoes they bring into school from home? This project is going to be part of an eco week and I am keen to inform them that potatoes can be recycled to make new potatoes. Please advise. Any other information would be gratefully received.
  • I have grown potatoes in old dustbins and pots for the last three years and have found it very simple and have had very good crops. Just fill the bin/pot up about 2/3rds full, push in the seed potatoes, shoot upwards, to about two inches in depth and cover by another inch or so. I earth them up (add more compost) when the plants are a reasonable size. I usually put 5 - 6 seed potatoes in a dustbin and 3 in a pot. Keep them well watered and the resulting crop is plentiful and extremely tasty. I like small pots as I dont have to harvest them all at once but dustbins are great.

    I have never chitted my potatoes and have had no problems. I also get annoyed with the size of bags of seed potatoes I have to buy just to get the ones I want ( and I do like a selection), however, I found a garden centre in Thorpe Arch, near Wetherby, which sells them by weight so I've got a few pink fir to try as well this year.

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