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And no not a rant against the stupid application of rules., this is a bit of a warning.

I shredded some material in the middle of the week and foolishly I did not remember to wear a dust mask. Since then my chest has been very bad, presumably from breathing in the dust.

So all you putative shredders, do take care. I am suffering for my own stupidity.


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    It could be the pollution that has affected you as well, but you are right to highlight the need for caution when using things such as shredders.
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    And a pair of safety goggles are a good idea too. (Seriously)

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    I hope you improve soon Berghill.  

    Sensible warning so thanks for that.   Yesterday was foul outside so I started sanding down some old galvanised pots to paint and decorate for the garden.   Realised half way through I really needed to wear a mask.   Too lazy to fish it out from the beginning.

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    Exactly! It takes ages to get the shredder over to the storage area and set up the electrics and come back for the loppers and gloves, so another trip for a face mask becomes annoying. So, one thinks. "Oh. I'll be alright." But of course one isn't.

    Now I have a bad chest and cannot work outside as it is difficult to breath.

    last time I got a cough like this, I had it for nearly 12 months. Nothing seemed to shift it either. Doctors could not offer any help either.

  • Did you put any green material through eg Prunus laurocerasus, (cherry laurel) , it's a good way of getting HCN in the bloodstream quickly.

    Was any of it rotted down?

    I was flat out for a couple of weeks a couple of autumns ago with fumigant fungi from a wood and leaves pile which had been accumulated over decades. I was wearing a P3 mask but for some of those spores, that's just a challenge.The &$*% that is in charge, who collected the laurel and other material from offsite and dumped it is one of those sorts that foams at the mouth about H&S, (it's all there to stop him having even more money and it's the proles duty to take risks on the chin, that's their place) drawing except when it's him.

    Elimination substitution engineering controls administrative controls PPE health monitoring.

    I won't be doing anything further for them, they were so rude about all the free work I did for them before.

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    Problem there with the onion. allergic to it. Honey gives me chronic indigestion. Citrus is a migraine  trigger. Cannot take most pain killers as they are based on Morphine to which I am allergic.

    All the material which was shredded was either the woody growth from Asters, so with lots of tiny leaves, or the top growth from Miscanthus giganteus. ie 12 foot long dried grass stalks. No laurel in the mix, in fact no green material at all.

    Thanks folks.

  • TopbirdTopbird Posts: 4,754

    Sounds horrid Berghill - hope you feel better soon image


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    Dunno what to say Berghill image Other than eat (onion free) curry and I hope you feel better very soon. 

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    Hope you feel better soon Berghill. If there is any consolation in knowing you are not alone I've had sinus issues dating back to doing site clearances with brush cuttters. I would be there doing 'watching brief' where I was the eyes looking out for protected wildlife. Wore all the protective gear but I can remember a particularly dry day I was working onsite and the problems started the very next day. It's manageable these days by I still get a lot of discomfort from it at times, that day was over 9 years ago now.

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