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Daffodils dying back

Hi All,

I have a pot of daffodils (tete a tete) on my balcony. They put on quite a nice display but finished quite quickly. Now the leaves are turning yellow. I know that this should happen... but isn't it a bit early? Do I have a problem, or am I just worrying unnecessarily.



  • DovefromaboveDovefromabove Posts: 83,828

    You're worrying unnecessarily Ommthree image  , but they might be a little bit dry perhaps? 

    Give them a feed (liquid seaweed fertiliser is good) and keep them just damp until the leaves are totally dead. 

    I would then plant them in the garden or if you don't have the space, then wait until the autumn and plant them up again in a pot of fresh compost. image

    Gardening in Central Norfolk on improved gritty moraine over chalk ... free-draining.

  • ommthreeommthree Posts: 314

    Thanks Dove. I thought so, but the reassurance is welcome. Dry they definitely aren't. If anything they're a bit wet, or were till lately. I was planning a feed for tomorrow, so looks like I'm doing ok!


  • Judith 7Judith 7 Posts: 3

    On that note, what should I do with daffodils when they have died back? I want to use the pots they are in for other things and don't have a garden to plant them in. Is there a way to store daff bulbs and when should I plant them again?

  • No expertNo expert Posts: 415

    Judith you can keep them in a shed in a container till Autumn and plant them out again or pot them up with new compost. They keep well. Weren't they dry when you bought them?

  • ommthreeommthree Posts: 314

    Would they mind being in a cellar do you think?

  • No expertNo expert Posts: 415

    Can't see why not.

  • ommthreeommthree Posts: 314

    Thank you!

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