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First attempt at growing Tomatoes - Advice needed

This is my first attempt at growing Tomatoes and would like some advice. I have planted them from seed and it seems to be working. They are Alicante Tomatoes.




 I understand I need to continually remove side shoots? What exactly are these when looking at the plants in the photos? Do I need to do anything else? I am an absolute novice but I am extremely excited!


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    first of all. Welcome icemancomeths.

    You can see the side shoots in photo 2 forming at the base of the leaves, where they join  the main upright stem, You want to encourage a nice upright plant, so have a small cane ready .

    You need to pinch out the little side shoots. Use your thumb and index fingernails to pinch them out. A friend used to refer to this process as " shaving their armpits"

    Your plants look great BTW. Well don

  • So the side shoots are the little shoots which are between the large stem and large leaves?

  • DovefromaboveDovefromabove Posts: 87,896

    Yes image

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    Also never remove any shoots which come directly from the main stem and are not at a leaf junction as those are the flowering trusses.  Those will start appearing in a few weeks, typically when the plant is about 10-12 inches tall. image

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  • Ok I have a little problem, some of my plants have a little bit of what looks like white mold at the bottom of the stem? What is this?




  • image


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