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I've got something in mind, but does it work?

Hi everyone,

I'm very new to gardening and would like to help my mother redo her corner garden. She's starting from absolute scratch.

I love purple, blue and white flower combinations. After searching online to find reasonably low maintenance flowers, I've decided that it would be nice to feature the following:

  • Artemisa Powis Castle
  • Alium Gladiator
  • White Candytuft
  • Gayfeather
  • Globe Thistle
  • Elizabeth Cook Delphinium

Do you all think these would go well together? Any suggestions on the arrangement for a corner garden?

Thank you so very much!



  • How about some verbena bonariensis, sorry not 100% on spelling, some scabious, purple heuchera, and purple and blue pansies?
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