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over zealous pruning of salvia?

sanjy67sanjy67 Posts: 1,007

soory i posted original in wrong section so i've moved it to here (sorry newbie here)

hello everyone, 

i bought a salvia mystic blue which flowered profusely last year, then it got a bit leggy and i pruned it by half as there didn't seem a point when it was flowering so nicely but then i pruned it again at the end of it's flowering time and for some reason i just kept cutting bits off until there is just a two pronged stump sticking out of the ground (about 2 inches above ground) i think i must have read that it could suffer over the winter and just kept pruning ! i'm in the south east uk, i keep checking it but no sign of life yet, have i killed it or will it be back??

I did the same with wedding bells? cant remember latin name but i think i was supposed to do it to that one, but that hasn't sprung into life yet either.

they both get afternoon sun

any advice would be helpful


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